It's no secret that social-media companies usually skew hard left. They mostly reject faith and traditional family values. Their idea of "community" is vastly different than what most of us grew up with. Honestly, think about the cesspools of negativity, vitriol and hate that Twitter and Facebook can be. Who would want to be part of a real-life community like that?

Earlier this month, Grassfire emailed you about "It's a Wonderful Life." We love the Christmas classic and what it stands for: faith, family and real community. George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) epitomized those three things, while greedy and evil Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore) wanted nothing to do with them.

More than halfway through the iconic film, George's life takes a bad turn that could ruin him. His Uncle Billy (Thomas Mitchell) "lost" an $8,000 bank deposit when he wrapped the cash in a newspaper and mistakenly gave it to Mr. Potter. (Watch it here.)

After finding the money in his lap, Potter had his henchman wheel him back to the door to watch Uncle Billy search frantically for the lost money. Potter said and did NOTHING!

When George's life spins out of control -- through no fault of his own -- Potter lets it happen. He knows the truth, but the lie benefits him much more. With George out of the picture, Potter will have complete control.

+ + Big Tech's Anti-Trump Bias Is No Secret

Today's social-media giants seem to want the same thing as the greedy miser. They want to control information (true or not) to benefit their bank accounts AND their preferred presidential candidate. But instead of George Bailey, America's Commander-in-Chief is under attack.

Big Tech's anti-Trump bias is no secret. The election interference that Facebook and Twitter have been accused of recently could get the President "out of the picture" on November 3. Like Potter, Silicon Valley "elite" don't seem to care about the truth -- or the impact that withholding it will have -- as long as they get what they want.

If Twitter and Facebook continue censoring content they disagree with or simply don't like, that could have a huge impact on the future of the United States. If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris -- Big Tech's preferred candidates -- get elected because of social-media shenanigans, their Marxist, open-borders, anti-police, anti-gun and anti-faith policies could turn the "American Dream" into a "Socialist Nightmare."

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