Dear Senator,


Once again, under the cover of darkness, Congress is pushing a massive, debt and corruption riddle spending scam -- the $1.5 Trillion Omnibus. I'm writing to urge you to oppose this bill.


After months of delays, the new 2.700-page omnibus was dropped in the middle of the night and Congress began voting on it within hours! Obviously, NOBODY READ THIS MONSTROSITY! IT INCLUDES

  • $100 billion for the Green New Deal
  • $13 billion for Ukraine but ZERO DOLLARS to secure our own border!
  • Funding for "border security" in eight countries but ZERO DOLLARS for a U.S. border wall
  • Billions more in food stamp funding
  • Many provisions to push the radical Left's woke agenda
  • Another dramatic increase in our federal deficit


Perhaps worst of all, Democrats and RINOs have joined together to bring back EARMARKS -- the dirty trick that allows members of Congress to funnel billions back to their districts, which only leads to more money corruption in politics. 


I am urging you to vote NO on the Dirty Deal Omnibus and insist on bill that does not push the radical Left agenda and further bankrupt our nation.