Dear Representative,


The Biden Regime allowed China to commit an egregious violation of America's sovereignty and security by not immediately shooting down that nation's first spy balloon. It's up to U.S. lawmakers to find out why and to make sure this type of failure in protecting our great nation from the CCP doesn't happen again. That's why I'm calling on Republicans in the House today to demand Joe Biden and Democrats get tough on China!


The CCP's lies, secrecy and intimidation tactics should receive the harshest possible condemnation from the White House, but that's not happening. Joe Biden's feckless administration waited until AFTER the balloon crossed the entire United States before removing this direct and imminent threat to American airspace. I'm calling on the GOP-controlled House of Representatives to launch a full investigation into why this clear and present danger from China was not dealt with immediately by Joe Biden and U.S. military officials.


If this was a test of American responsiveness and readiness by the CCP, the Biden Regime failed miserably. So, I'm faxing today to urge you, a duly elected member of the House of Representatives, to call for an investigation into the Chinese, spy-balloon fiasco, the dangers of the TikTok social-media app, and any other direct or imminent threats from China to our great nation and its people. 


Please note, I will closely monitor the GOP's actions related to holding the Biden Regime AND the communist Chinese government accountable for this and any other unconscionable and unacceptable security breech. Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this important call to action.




A Concerned American Taxpayer