It feels like our backs are against the wall.

And the next SIX MONTHS could well decide the fate of our nation for the next three generations!

Simply put, I need your help...

+ + Fighting RINOs, fighting the Left, and Fighting FOR AMERICA...

You know Grassfire has been fighting with everything we have against the RINO-LEFT ALLIANCE that just completed two massive SELLOUTS of our country.

Grassfire has been one of the LEADING VOICES getting patriotic Americans timely news and action items on the RiNO-Left SELLOUT.

We're also standing shoulder to shoulder with PRESIDENT TRUMP against the despicable "lawfare" attacks.

But now we're coming down to the final countdown to this November's elections, and I urgently need your help.

Like other voices of liberty on the Internet, Grassfire has faced nearly four solid years of shadow-banning and outright shutdowns of our ability to communicate with patriots like you.

Because you are able to receive this message, you are one of the "remnant" we are relying on to keep Grassfire fighting for truth and fighting to save our nation!

+ + Help us fight back and help SAVE AMERICA!

It's been a long and difficult battle against "hostile" email service providers who have been blocking, "bouncing" and censoring our updates.

As a result, Grassfire is facing an URGENT FINANCIAL CRISIS. We are more than 25% below our 2024 budget.

Will you help us fight back in this critical election year to HELP SAVE AMERICA? If 200 friends will respond before the end of this month, it will make a huge difference in our fight for liberty. Click here or on the banner below now to help us win the "war" to save the heart and soul of America:

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Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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