This is AMAZING....

Truckers across the country areREVOLTING
against New York City after the outrageous $350 BILLION fine levied by a radical New York Judge.

Truckers are launching a BOYCOTT NEW YORK campaign and pledging not to drive loads to the Rotten Apple!

We must oppose the radical LAWFARE against President Trump.

Grassfire is calling on every team member to join the BOYCOTT NEW YORK effort.

Will you stand with the truckers who are saying BOYCOTT NEW YORK? Simply CLICK HERE or on the image below and we'll add your name to the BOYCOTT NEW YORK movement:

This is a great example of citizens saying WE'VE HAD ENOUGH and doing something about it.

How about you?

Are you sick and tired of the endless LAWFARE attacks against President Trump? Then join the BOYCOTT NEW YORK movement. Tell the truckers you are standing with them. And let's fight back!