The next 24 hours are CRITICAL. A "dirty deal" could be struck behind closed doors tonight! GO HERE TO LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD and see below. --Steve

This is becoming a FOUR ALARM ALERT!!!

Speaker McCarthy is telling GOP leaders that the Biden White House is "dug in" on tax and spending increases!

Despite the fact that Joe and the Dems have NOT negotiated for months and have NOT even proposed anything in Congress, THE LEFT IS DIGGING IN ON TAX AND SPENDING INCREASES.

They want MORE SPENDING and MORE DEBT -- even though we are facing record spending, record deficits and record debt!

Here's what concerns me the most...

There is ENORMOUS PRESSURE to "strike a deal" in the next 24-48 hours. That's because the House rules require 72 hours before a vote and then the bill must go to the Senate and then likely back to the House.... all in the next week!

If you care at all about our country and the crushing burden of government spending and debt....Then please take action TODAY to let your voice be heard.

We're looking for 10,000 citizen contacts to Congress and the White House in the next 24 hours...


+ + Action #1 -- Fax Congress and say ROLL BACK SPENDING, NO NEW TAXES!

The Left is targeting VULNERABLE REPUBLICANS. If just a handful of Republicans cave, then Joe wins and both TAXES AND SPENDING WILL INCREASE! That's why we've included these vulnerable Republicans in our lowest cost FaxFire.

Go here now to fax Vulnerable Republicans and Key Senators (at up to 46% off) right now to say NO to Joe's Spending Insanity and new taxes push:

+ + Action #2 -- Call the White House

After you schedule your faxes, CALL THE WHITE HOUSE and tell Team Biden you support the McCarthy Plan that passed the House:


+ + Action #3 -- Call Congress!

Let your members of Congress know where you stand on the debt ceiling debate:


Again, the next 24 hours are critical. There is enormous pressure to strike a backroom deal that will INCREASE TAXES AND SPENDING and doom our economy for another decade.

If you think government debt and spending is out of control, then go here to take action now.

For life, liberty and limited government,

Steve Elliott, Grassfire