A Grassfire friend recently went on vacation and stayed at a beautiful rental home near the beach. When he and his family arrived, their preteen daughter immediately began "exploring" the large beach house. In almost every room, she found a "surprise" waiting for them.

The previous tenants had left "TRUMP BUCKS" in various locations throughout the rental home. Our friend guessed it was that family's way of supporting the President. As a fan of our Commander-in-Chief, he thought they were a great idea. Unfortunately, his mother-in-law disagreed.

When his daughter proudly showed the family what she'd found, the "TRUMP BUCKS" triggered Grandma. She grabbed the commemorative "cash" from the girl's hands, crumpled it up, and threw it away. Then the grandmother, a diehard Democrat, went on a seek-and-destroy mission to rid the beach house of the dreaded bills.

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The Grassfire Team

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