ALERT: Vote on Dirty Omnibus likely TOMORROW. See below and go here to take action. --Grassfire

Here is The Hill's headline for its article on the Dirty Omnibus Spending Scam:

"Lawmakers feast on pork in omnibus"

It's a fitting description, although it makes us a bit sick to our stomachs. The Hill then describes how Members of Congress have loaded the Dirty Omnibus with FOUR THOUSAND EARMARKS, and how members of Congress are "getting the gravy" once again through these corrupt paybacks!

It all makes us want to throw up in our mouths!

If Congress' corrupt "feast" in the Dirty Omnibus Spending Scam makes you sick, take action NOW. The Senate is expected to vote TOMORROW. Go here to finalize and schedule your faxes to your two Senators and every GOP Senator and "Say NO To The Dirty Omnibus."

And go here for more details.


P.S. As Rep. Chip Roy said, the Dirty Omnibus is a "monstrosity" that "funds tyranny." They're even allocating money for Venezuela and Russia! Again, the Senate will likely vote TOMORROW! Go here to let your voice be heard on the Dirty Omnibus:

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