They're doing it again...

Last last night under the cover of darkness, the House passed a $1.5 TRILLION "omnibus" spending bill that is loaded with pork, Green initiatives, earmarks that legalize kickbacks for Congress and massive new deficit spending.

It's the same dirty deal trick... Package up a massive spending increase loaded with pork, Green New Deal initiatives and special deals for members of Congress and ram it through Congress...

And do it in the middle of the night!

+ + Massive Kickbacks For Members of Congress!

Perhaps worst of all, Democrats and RINOs have joined together to bring back EARMARKS -- the dirty trick that allows members of Congress to funnel billions back to their districts, which only leads to more money corruption in politics.

This Omnibus Scam includes 4,000 earmarks, including 142 linked to Sen. Schumer's name. While Democrats are the worst offenders, GOP RINOs are bellying up for the pork as well. These earmarks allow members of Congress to funnel billions to their pet projects!

To make matters worse, this monstrosity also includes:

  • $100 billion for the Green New Deal
  • $13 billion for Ukraine but ZERO DOLLARS to secure our own border!
  • Funding for "border security" in eight countries but ZERO DOLLARS for a U.S. border wall
  • Billions more in food stamp funding
  • Many provisions to push the radical Left's woke agenda
  • Another dramatic increase in our federal deficit

+ + Senate Vote IMMINENT! Fax Your Senators And All GOP Senators Now!

Grassfire is making a way for citizens to let their voice be heard BEFORE the Senate vote on the Dirty Omnibus Spending Deal. This "Say No To the Dirty Omnibus" FaxFire empowers you to call on every GOP Senator to reject this wasteful, pork-filled, corruption-riddled legislation. 

Because this is so critical, we are empowering our Grassfire team to send their "Say NO to the Dirty Omnibus" faxes at a 40% discount!

+ + Senate Vote Expected Within 24-36 Hours!

The Senate wants to wrap up this dirty deal BEFORE THE WEEKEND!

If you are outraged by yet another spending scam that created billions in new "kickbacks" (what they call earmarks) for members of Congress, go here to send your faxes.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team