We thought we'd heard everything. Then Joe said this over the holiday weekend:

"By the way I'm proud to be, as I said, the first Vice President, the first black woman to serve with a black President."

Yes, Joe actually said that.

Click on the image below to listen:

I guess we can call that a "word salad" from Joe. Maybe he was mixing up that his VP is the first black VP and he was VP to the first black president. I'm sure that's all very confusing when you can't even recall WHEN you were Vice President. But it all came out that Biden is THE FIRST BLACK WOMAN VICE PRESIDENT TO SERVE WITH A BLACK PRESIDENT!

+ + This is about national security....

Months ago, Grassfire launched a grassroots campaign called JOE MUST GO. That was based on all the Biden Crime Family corruption. 

After the frightening debate performance and follow-ups such as this and the ABC interview, IT IS CLEAR THAT AS A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY JOE MUST EITHER STEP DOWN OR BE REMOVED AS PRESIDENT IMMEDIATELY!

We can't have a guy who can't process his thoughts very well at all -- and certainly not outside of 11a to 4p when he's not napping -- in charge of global wars, the nuclear codes, and ransacking the economy for his own re-election.

+ + Fax House Leaders and say: JOE MUST GO!

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Haven't we seen enough?

Tell Congress, JOE MUST GO!

Steve Elliott, Grassfire