Trump wins; Media LIES!

Once again, President Trump wins. And once again, the left-wing media is LYING!

As you know, President Trump took the unprecedented step of threatening major tariffs against Mexico if Mexico did not take action to cooperate with the U.S. on illegal immigration. The media, the Left, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and many Republicans came out strongly against the President's threat of tariffs, despite the fact that grassroots Americans strongly supported the President's actions (Grassfire poll found 96% of you supported the President!).

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Chasm of disconnect

There is a huge chasm of disconnect between what D.C. politicians think (even Republicans) and the views of grassroots, patriotic Americans.

Case in point: President Trump just took one of the boldest stances ever to stop illegal immigration in announcing tariffs against Mexico -- and immediately GOP senate leaders came out in opposition. Meanwhile, our Grassfire poll showed that 96% of you support the President's decision. And similar polls show conservatives overwhelmingly support the President's use of tariffs to protect America's interests.

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Biden announces TOP PRIORITY (Christians beware!)

This week, leading Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden announced his TOP PRIORITY if elected President. And Christians beware!

Biden not only threw his full support behind the Equality Act, he went so far as to say passing the act would be "the first thing I do."

So the "first thing" Joe Biden would do would be to push legislation that effectively criminalizes Christianity. It would force doctors and religious hospitals to perform sex-change operations, allow kids to choose the "gender identity" and even medically change their bodies without parental consent, allow men to access women's bathrooms and force churches to host gay weddings and hire and accommodate every possible gender identity. And it will ruin women's sports!

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Conservatives Support Trump's Mexico Tariffs (poll)

A survey of Grassfire's national conservative team has revealed overwhelming support for President Trump's proposed tariffs on Mexico, with 96% supporting the tariffs. 

"Once again, President Trump's instincts match closely with his political base," says Grassfire's Steve Elliott. "With GOP leaders in the Senate openly opposing the idea of imposing tariffs on Mexico as a consequence for Mexico's unwillingness to help stop the flow of illegal immigration, Trump once again shows that he has a better read on the conservative base than the D.C. politicians."


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Taylor Swift turns up heat on GOP senator

Just as we predicted, LBGT activists are turning up the heat on the targeted GOP Senators who can get the Equality Act through the Senate. Pop star Taylor Swift joined the crusade this week with her own massive grassroots campaign targeting Sen. Lamar Alexander -- one of the 12 Grassfire identified last week as likely targets.

Swift if rallying her social media network and has even launched her own petition to pressure Alexander and the others. With the Senate back in session this week, we want to give citizens an opportunity to counter the efforts of Swift and others.

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Trump announces TARIFFS on Mexico

President Trump just announced that the U.S. will impose a tariff on all imports coming from Mexico until the Mexican government cracks down on the flow of illegal immigration into our country. The President wrote:

“On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP.... The Tariff will gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied.”

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Rush: Mueller part of "attempted coup"

Rush Limbaugh summarized best what took place at the Mueller presser...

"This was a phase today in the still-happening attempted coup to get rid of the president of the United States."
--Rush Limbaugh

It was all show... theatre... designed to do one thing: fan the flames of impeachment at the liberal grassroots and hopefully ignite it into a full wildfire in the Pelosi House.

Mueller all but begged Congress to immediately begin impeachment. Why? Because after two years of investigations, 500+ interviews, and hundreds of thousands of documents reviewed, Mueller couldn't prove that President Trump didn't commit the crime of obstruction!

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Mueller pours gas on IMPEACHMENT fire

The Bob Mueller "show" today was one of the most amazing acts of political theatre I have ever witnessed.

+ + Mueller pours gas on impeachment fire...

Mueller all but gave Nancy Pelosi her marching orders to immediately pursue impeachment of President Donald Trump. He basically said he wasn't allowed by either federal law or Justice Department policy to pursue a criminal case of obstruction against Trump, but wanted to clarify for all that the bulk of his report was designed to lay out a case of obstruction!

And on that note, Mueller wants to wash his hands of the whole matter and sail off into the sunset of retirement -- with James Comey and the rest of the Coup Gang who are doing everything in their power to undermine this President.


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Shock: Feds FLYING illegals to cities!

It's almost too impossible to believe...

The federal government is so overwhelmed with illegal aliens at our borders that they have now resorted to FLYING illegal aliens to other cities and releasing them into communities.

If you thought CATCH AND RELEASE was bad, now it is CATCH, FLY TO YOUR CITY, AND RELEASE!

According to the Associated Press:

"U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which turns over border crossers to ICE after arresting them, has begun flying migrants to other cities for processing and is releasing them directly into communities without going through ICE, saying their own facilities are at capacity." (emphasis added)


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Open attacks on Christians

It's a different time in America... a time when one political party and viewpoint is now openly attacking people of faith. The Equality Act is just one clear example.

This bill -- rushed through the House earlier this month -- would force Christian doctors and Christian hospitals and Christian parents to SUBMIT to the radical same-sex mantra. Hospitals would be required to affirm the gender identity of teenagers. Doctors could be charged with discrimination if they upheld that novel (biological) idea that boys are boys and girls are girls. Christian parents who believe what the Bible says about human sexuality could be charged with abuse for resisting State efforts to help their kids discover their chosen gender identity.

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