I'm faxing to let you know that millions of Americans are
outraged by the anti-Trump "witch hunt" that continues,
seemingly without end, on Capitol Hill. I'm asking you to
publicly call for an end to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's
investigation into so-called "Russian collusion." After
months and months of not finding anything, it's become
a fishing expedition that has far exceeded its boundaries
and intended purpose, while costing American taxpayers


This probe has revealed extraordinary political bias,
which has gone on for too long and must stop immediately!
It's time for lawmakers, regardless of their party, to
publicly oppose this politically charged and politically
motivated attack on President Trump and on the results
of a free and fair 2016 presidential election.


We know that former FBI Director James Comey conducted
the leaks of confidential information for the express
purpose of launching the special-counsel investigation.
In addition, Mueller began his efforts by stacking his
team with anti-Trump Democrat partisans, including two
FBI 'lovers' who revealed their strong bias against the
President in hundreds of texts between one another.


This is outrageous! Congress MUST end this "witch hunt"
against President Trump, so he can get back to the people's
agenda of economic growth, securing our borders and making
America great again. That’s why I’m calling on you, a duly
elected member of the United States Congress, to
"Stop The Trump Witch Hunt."


As a patriotic and concerned American, I am closely
monitoring your response to my call to action. Thank
you for your time and attention to this important matter.