The RINO border BETRAYAL keeps getting worse and worse...

Several news sources are CONFIRMING what Grassfire reported to you last week...


That's right. The RINOs agreed to spending FOUR BILLION DOLLARS to actually expand the illegal invasion of our own country -- while not even authorizing ONE DIME to build our border!

Punchbowl News called it a "pact" between the RINOs and the Left:

"The pact: Schumer and McConnell lock arms to pass foreign aid package."

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+ + Details of the RINO SELLOUT...

This $95 BILLION massive, new spending bill literally SOLD OUT our own border. Some details of this SELLOUT:

  • Provides BILLIONS of dollars for Zelensky's government. Not just military spending -- the Zelensky corrupt government.

  • Gives $9 BILLION for alleged humanitarian relief in Gaza that everyone knows will be controlled by Hamas! For every dollar this Sellout gets to Israel, another 64 cents will go to Hamas.

  • NOT ONE PENNY to secure our own border. Everyone in Congress knew that the Left's desire to fund Hamas and fund Zelenksy were the only "cards" available to force the Left to the table and pass real border security. But the RINOs instead SOLD OUT our border!

  • To make the Border SELLOUT even worse, an astounding $3.5 BILLION will be spent to increase the illegal INVASION. The funds are marked as "refugee resettlement," but it is written in such vague terms that the funds will undoubtedly be used to help flood America with more illegal aliens!

  • An additional $481 million to help settle illegals directly in the United States.

  • Every penny of the $95 BILLION requires ADDITIONAL DEBT AND BORROWING. The RINOs tried to save face by structuring much of the Ukraine giveaway as a "loan," but the entire "loan" will be forgiven in less than a year! It will never be paid back!

  • On top of all this, the RINOs had to GET IN BED with the Left to pass this monstrosity with unprecedented trickery that magically "merged" multiple House bills back into one Senate bill for quick passage.