We're nearly a third of the way through 2023, and Grassfire is STILL facing the continued censorship of our grassroots updates. This ongoing threat is damaging our ability to help YOU stand for life, liberty and limited government. Big Tech, once again, is silencing the voices of liberty-loving conservatives.

Over the past week, Grassfire emails have been blocked, paused and censored by Silicon Valley overlords. It's the fifth month in a row that Big Tech has attacked our very lifeblood by interfering with our ability to email you.

"Hostile" email service providers (ESPs) blocked hundreds of thousands of Grassfire team members from receiving our updates. This time, it happened after we urged "America First" patriots to make their voices heard by voting on whether President Trump should be convicted, acquitted or if the bogus, politically motivated case against him should be dismissed.

In the days that followed, we were prevented from sending emails to our team members. We were even TARGETED and BLOCKED by at least one major ESP at a rate of 100%. As a result, Grassfire STILL CAN'T SEND MESSAGES TO 25% OF OUR SUBSCRIBER LIST.

Alarmingly, our April revenue is currently at a fraction of our usual monthly goal. This shortfall, which started last year, is due to the obvious throttling of our messages by Big Tech censors. It happened to us twice in 2022 and has continued for FOUR MONTHS into 2023 -- creating a major financial crisis!

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What's happening to Grassfire, we believe, is part of the larger scandal of social-media companies blocking and shadow-banning conservative organizations. For Grassfire, this BLATANT CENSORSHIP is a serious threat to our ability to communicate with patriots across the country, like you.

It's also created a serious budget crunch. We MUST continue working on a plan to fight back and bypass the censors. But for right now, Grassfire needs your help, as we already are facing a critical budget shortfall for the year.

We need friends like you to partner with us today -- and over the next two weeks. Any contribution, no matter how small, will help Grassfire empower you to expand your impact at this critical time in our nation's history. Click here to help and receive "Freedom Isn't Free" ReStickers as our gift to you.

In everything, you have our pledge that -- as Grassifire has done for more than two decades -- we will continue to stand for life, liberty and limited government. Also, we'll work to expand your voice on the key issues of our day. Thank you, in advance, for your generous support.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Big Tech's "silent war" against Grassfire continues. But when the Silicon Valley overlords silence us, they're really silencing YOU. So, in appreciation for your contribution of ANY AMOUNT or more to help Grassfire build in 2023, we'll ship you ONE of our exclusive and patriotic "Freedom Isn't Free" ReStickers. Contribute $20 or more and we'll send you TWO. Shipping is absolutely FREE! These 3" x 9", cloth-like bumper stickers that can be applied and re-applied to virtually any smooth surface. Please go here now to help us fight:

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