URGENT: Senators To Cancel Religious Freedom Regarding Same-Sex Marriage! >>FAX NOW!<<

Senators are on the verge of canceling your freedom of religion and freedom of speech regarding same-sex marriage! The religious-liberty legal organization, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), issued a warning this week about the so-called "Respect for Marriage Act," which the Senate is expected to vote on within hours:

This deceptively named bill is designed to enshrine same-sex marriage into the American legal fabric ... If signed into law, this bill would jeopardize the religious freedom of millions of Americans who have sincerely held beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman.

ADF insists the three main problems of H.R.8404 are:

•It empowers the government to punish tens of millions of Americans who wish to live according to their deeply held beliefs.
•It exposes religious individuals and organizations to predatory lawsuits.
•It could allow the IRS to target faith-based organizations by threatening their nonprofit status.

In our previous update (see below), Grassfire told you how a "Dirty Dozen" of RINO Senators yesterday voted in favor of advancing the anti-faith, pro-LGBTQ, same-sex marriage bill to the Senate floor for a full vote. As of this writing, we're not sure when that deciding vote will occur.

If you want Senators to PROTECT your First Amendment, religious-liberty rights to REJECT the radical, unhinged Left's pro-gay and pro-trans agenda, fax up to 40 GOP lawmakers now for only $30. Go here to instantly send your personalized message BEFORE today's vote:

Time is running out to make your voice heard! Take action now to stop Senators from passing a law that would punish Americans who hold traditional views on marriage and sexuality. Thanks, in advance, for taking immediate action and faxing now.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Democrats needed just 10 "squishy," weak-kneed Republican Senators to pass the horribly misnamed "Respect For Marriage Act." They got 12 yesterday and may get that same "Dirty Dozen" today! Go here to urge the GOP to stand strong and stay united to protect your constitutional rights:

Thursday 2:30 p.m. ET: 

ALERT: 12 Senate RINOs voted "YES" on same-sex marriage bill >>FAX D.C. NOW!<<

A  "Dirty Dozen" of RINO Senators (Republicans In Name Only) voted yesterday afternoon to "advance" the horribly misnamed "Respect for Marriage Act" (H.R.8404). Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) office notified us this morning that additional votes on this threat to religious liberty COULD happen today. But, as of this morning, they were "unsure."

Those 12 Senators, who stood with Democrats determined to punish Americans for not bowing to the radical, unhinged Left's pro-gay and pro-trans agenda, are:

  • Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri
  • Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina
  • Sen. Shelley Capito of West Virginia
  • Sen. Susan Collins of Maine
  • Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa
  • Sen. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
  • Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio
  • Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah
  • Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska
  • Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina
  • Sen. Todd Young of Indiana

The "Respect for Marriage Act" threatens the First Amendment rights (freedom of religion and free speech) of conservatives, Christians and other people of faith. Anyone who rejects the homosexual lifestyle and holds traditional views on marriage and sexuality could be punished if this anti-faith, pro-LGBTQ bill becomes law. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, insists:

"H.R.8404 is a stick of dynamite that, in the hands of the Left, would supercharge the attacks, the marginalization, and the oppression of people of faith and anyone who believes in marriage as human history defines it."

+ + URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Fax Senators Now! Demand They Stop The "DIS-RESPECT FOR MARRIAGE" Act From Becoming Law!

Again, final Senate votes on the anti-faith, pro-LGBTQ H.R.8404 could be just hours away! That's why, Grassfire is empowering you to demand that Senators take a stand to protect the constitutional rights of conservatives, Christians and other people of faith who reject same-sex marriage.

It takes just TWO MINUTES to fax Senators and demand they "Stop The Dis-Respect For Marriage Act." Go here to send your personalized message now:

+ + Fight To Protect Your First-Amendment, Religious-Liberty Rights!

A marriage between one man and one woman has been a fundamental, building block of society for thousands of years. But radical Democrats, the Unhinged Left and the "woke mob" want to force Americans to embrace their gay-rights and trans-rights agenda. We the People have seen enough of the far-Left's "cancel culture" to know they'll attack anyone and everyone who refuses to embrace their godless, socialist and progressive "group think."

Senate Democrats found 12 "squishy," weak-kneed RINOs in the Senate to "advance" their pro-LGBTQ, pro-gay-rights and pro-trans-rights bill. But you can call on GOP Senators to block passage of the misnamed "Respect For Marriage Act." Click here to fax now.

Demand Senate Republicans protect conservatives, Christians and other people of faith. Take immediate action to stop H.R.8404 from infringing on YOUR First Amendment rights and the rights of other Americans opposed to same-sex marriage! SEND YOUR FAXES HERE -- BEFORE THE SENATE'S NEXT VOTE. Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard. 

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Thanks to a "Dirty Dozen" of Senate RINOs, H.R.8404 has already cleared one key legislative hurdle. But more votes are pending. GOP Senators MUST ACT NOW to stop this anti-faith, pro-LGBTQ bill from becoming law. Go here to send your "Stop Dis-Respecting Marriage!" faxes now:


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