The Senate is expected to vote TOMORROW on the horribly misnamed "Respect For Marriage Act." The anti-faith, pro-LGBTQ bill threatens the First Amendment rights of conservatives, Christians and anyone who rejects or even questions the homosexual lifestyle. If you hold traditional views on marriage and sexuality, H.R.8404 could punish you for not bowing to the radical, unhinged Left's pro-gay and pro-trans agenda.

Grassfire has been sounding the alarm on this bill since August. That's when we learned about an urgent letter to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) from more than 80 national religious leaders. Those men and women from dozens of Christian ministries, organizations and universities insist the bill "is an attack on millions of Americans" that will "endanger people of faith."

Now that America is a week past the midterm elections, Senate Democrats are forcing a cloture vote that's expected tomorrow. If you're among the millions of Americans who, as the letter describes, "decline to openly embrace extreme views regarding marriage and human sexuality," the so-called "Respect for Marriage Act" is a direct threat to your First Amendment right to religious freedom!

+ + URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Fax Senators To Stop The "DIS-RESPECT FOR MARRIAGE" Act From Becoming Law!

Again, a Senate vote on the anti-faith, pro-LGBTQ H.R.8404 could be less than 24 hours away! That's why, Grassfire is empowering you to demand that Senators take a stand to protect the constitutional rights of conservatives, Christians and other people of faith who reject same-sex marriage.

It takes just TWO MINUTES to fax Senators and demand they "Stop The Dis-Respect For Marriage Act" national petition. Go here to send your personalized message now:

+ + Fight To Protect Your First-Amendment, Religious-Liberty Rights!

A marriage between one man and one woman has been a fundamental, building block of society for thousands of years. The faith-coalition letter to McConnell also warns that the bill targets Americans who hold traditional views on marriage and sexuality:

"H.R.8404 aims to shut down any disagreement, silencing those with the long-held conviction that marriage between one man and one woman is essential to human flourishing, a view that has existed from the dawn of time."

Radical Democrats, the Unhinged Left and the "woke mob" want to force Americans to embrace the Biden regime's gay-rights and trans-rights agenda. We the People have seen enough of the far-Left's "cancel culture" to know they'll attack anyone and everyone who refuses to embrace their godless, socialist and progressive "group think."

Senate Democrats are counting on finding 10 "squishy," weak-kneed RINOs in the Senate to pass their pro-LGBTQ, pro-gay-rights and pro-trans-rights bill. Call on the GOP to stand strong and stay united against the misnamed "Respect For Marriage Act." Click here to fax Senators now.

Call on Senators to protect conservatives, Christians and other people of faith from radical Democrats, the Unhinged Left, and the "woke," pro-LGBTQ mob! Take immediate action to stop H.R.8404 from infringing on YOUR First Amendment rights and the rights of other conservatives, Christians and people of faith! SEND YOUR FAXES HERE -- BEFORE TOMORROW'S EXPECTED VOTE. Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard. 

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Those 80-plus religious leaders also warn that H.R.8404 is "a startling expansion of what marriage means." They say it also "threatens the freedom of ... Americans of different faiths, creeds, and walks of life who wish to live consistent with their deeply-held beliefs." GOP Senators MUST stop this anti-faith, pro-LGBTQ bill from becoming law. Go here to send your "Stop Dis-Respecting Marriage!" faxes now: