Grassfire has just learned through sources that the House is planning a full floor vote on the anti-faith Equality Act for NEXT WEEK.

The vote has not yet been publicly announced, but the word on the Hill indicates that the House floor vote will be put on the schedule this Friday and take place next week. 

We have also learned that Republicans have at their disposal a procedural maneuver that could kill the legislation in the House and avoid a major showdown in the Senate (sources say the bill may be within a few votes of passage in the Senate). Grassfire has re-set our "Stop The Anti-Faith Equality Act" to get your message directly to your Represenative along with the key GOP leaders who can stop this -- starting with the House Freedom Caucus.


With a House floor vote likely to take place next week, Grassfire's "Stop The Anti-Faith Equality Act" FaxFire gives you an opportunity to get your message through to your members of Congress as well as key Republicans who could stop this bill. Go here to schedule your faxes NOW:

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+ + Bill is serious threat to women!

In addition to trampling on religious liberties, analysts say the Equality Act is also a serious threat to women. It puts women at risk in women's restrooms, where men "identifying" as women will have full access. It gives men identifying as women the opportunity to compete and win athletic events in the women's categories. And it makes a mockery of the legal protections given to women against sex discrimination since anyone can "identify" as a women.

Women across the political spectrum are speaking out in one voice against this bill. In a joint statement by the leaders of the Christian-right Concerned Women for America and the radical feminist Women's LiberationFront said:

"If the Equality Act succeeds in making “gender identity” a protected class under federal law, it will erase the protected category of “sex,” which for decades has been the foundation for securing the rights and opportunities of women and girls in the United States. Under a policy of unrestricted self-identification of “sex,” such as the act proposes, a man can simply say he is a woman, and everyone must act as if this is true."