Yesterday afternoon, the House -- with bipartisan support from Republicans -- passed the H.R. 1044 "Green Card Giveaway."

As expected, the bill was passed with no notice of the impending vote, no committee hearings, no "vetting" by the normal legislative process. From the outset, Grassfire's greatest concern with the bill was the PROCESS, that such a significant change in our immigration law was passed through a backroom deal. The bill also doesn't move us closer to a true merit-based immigration system that only selects the best and the brightest in fields where America needs jobs. This is the best approach for our nation and American workers.

As Breitbart noted, despite the efforts of both parties to hide and obfuscate the vote, there was the beginnings of a "rising wave of protest by GOP voters who are learning about the impact" of the bill. Grassfire team members played a role in this by delivering thousands of faxes and phone calls to key members of Congress.

The battle is not over! The Senate companion bill, S. 386, has faced opposition although it now appears Republicans who have blocked this bill may be wavering.

We will provide updates as information becomes available. 

Thank you so much for engaging on this issue. Thanks to every team member who sent faxes and made phone calls or shared this critical issue on social media.

For liberty and limited government,