In yesterday's email (see here), we told you about the shocking response Grassfire has received to Rush Limbaugh's "Get Well" card. It was all great news since we launched this initiative 10 days ago -- that is, until yesterday.

You see, our staff was even more shocked by the response we received after tweeting about the card. In an effort to reach our new stretch goal of 20,000 signatures, Grassfire paid Twitter to promote a post inviting people to add their names.

Members of the "tolerant" Left didn't hold back, revealing the worst of the social-media site, which can become a "cesspool" in 280 characters or less. Here are a few of the negative comments posted after asking people to thank Rush and wish him a fast, full recovery from lung cancer:

"Thanks for nothing"

"Absolutely not. Hope he never speaks again."

"I think I’ll just make tasteless jokes about him instead."

"F*** him, his mama and cousins too"

We received additional hateful responses -- even worse than what you see above -- but you get the idea. It made us wonder just how many similar comments a strong, conservative voice like Rush Limbaugh receives EVERY DAY, especially now that he's sick.

Grassfire is more determined than ever to encourage Rush at this difficult time. Please help us reach our 20,000-signature "stretch goal" THIS WEEKEND. We still don't have your name on Rush's "Get Well" card. Click here or on the banner below to sign now:

Thanks, in advance, for taking action today.

For liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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