Tucker Carlson is calling for an end to the MASKERADE, especially when it comes to forcing children to wear "moist, paper burkas for eight hours a day in the classroom." Last night, the FOX News host "followed the science" and shared eye-opening information from the Irish Health Authority. Carlson said:

"Masking children in the classroom is not a legitimate medical precaution; it's child abuse. Masks can 'exacerbate anxiety and breathing difficulties.' They impair 'the development of human communication and language skills, particularly for very young children.' ... There are very serious downsides to forcing masks on children."

The Irish government decided there's NO BENEFIT to masking children. According to Carlson, "Kids in Ireland are not getting sick from COVID. They're not transmitting COVID either."

So, why are radical Democrats and the Unhinged Left in the U.S. forcing kids to wear masks in the classroom (and other places)? And why are "progressives" and teachers unions still calling on schools to be closed due to COVID?

Because this is Joe Biden's America -- where tyranny THRIVES!

The Biden regime and its far-Left allies have launched the RE-MASKING of America. They're MANDATING vaccines, and threatening to reimpose freedom-restricting, economy-destroying SHUTDOWNS and LOCKDOWNS. Mr. Biden and his ilk have become fascist, totalitarian tyrants!

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For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Please note that Grassfire is NOT anti-vaccine. We support every person's CHOICE to be immunized against the coronavirus. But we do NOT think vaccines should be mandated for work, school, military service or any other reason. Government tyrants stripped away our freedoms once. Shame on liberty-loving Americans if they're allowed to do it again! If you agree, go here:


"Tucker Carlson Tonight" (FOX News)