Tucker Carlson on the Importance of Marriage (Part Two)

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson continued his monologue series on the importance of marriage in our society. This is an extremely important discussion because the Left's argument is that wealth or race are the deciding factors in a society. But the evidence is clear that the breakdown of the family is the number one cause of cultural collapse.


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    Kendal Eklund
    The distruction of Mariages in the USA began when Lyndon B. Johnson intorduced the War on Poverty, (Poverty was at %19) on Wednesday, January 8, 1964. This started the US Welfare programs in every state, unfortunately many states expanded the programs and gave out more money than authorized, to the point that they were defrauding the Federal Govenment. One of many times the States defraud the Federal Goverment Programs. This was the start of pure Socialism in the USA!