Once again, President Trump wins. And once again, the left-wing media is LYING!

As you know, President Trump took the unprecedented step of threatening major tariffs against Mexico if Mexico did not take action to cooperate with the U.S. on illegal immigration. The media, the Left, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and many Republicans came out strongly against the President's threat of tariffs, despite the fact that grassroots Americans strongly supported the President's actions (Grassfire poll found 96% of you supported the President!).

On Friday, Mexico blinked. Facing the threat of tariffs, Mexican negotiators yielded to U.S. demands, agreeing to:

  • Take unprecedented steps to stop illegal immigration at their southern border;
  • Deploy 6,000 Mexican National Guard troops at their southern border;
  • Establish immigration checkpoints throughout Mexico;
  • Require that "those crossing the U.S. Southern Border to seek asylum will be rapidly returned to Mexico where they may await the adjudication of their asylum claims." This effectively ends "Catch And Release."
  • "Take further actions" if "the measures adopted do not have the expected results."

This is UNPRECEDENTED. Trump clearly won major concessions and agreements that the President says Americans have been trying to get from Mexico "for 20 years." Of course, as expected, the liberal media is refusing to give Trump any credit! They are saying Trump's timeline is wrong and that the tariffs didn't gain any real concessions.

The President launched a Twitter counterinsurgency today to expose the media's lies:

"When will the Failing New York Times admit that their front page story on the the new Mexico deal at the Border is a FRAUD and nothing more than a badly reported “hit job” on me, something that has been going on since the first day I announced for the presidency! Sick Journalism."

+ + This President Just Rides On!

Once again, we are seeing classic Donald Trump. He calls 'em as he sees 'em. No holds barred. We don't think any other president would dare to directly confront the immigration issue by threatening tariffs and then winning concessions in a matter of days.

That's what makes this latest McNaughton print so timely and accurate.

Jon McNaughton's latest painting, "MAGA Ride," depicts President Trump and First Lady Melania on board a very American motorcycle boldly riding in front of the Capitol building with Americans from all walks of life cheering them on! 

The way McNaughton captures President Trump's determined gaze speaks volumes. No matter the opposition, this President has his eyes fixed on the goal of restoring our nation's greatness.

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The President once again took action that no other recent president would even consider. He did more THIS WEEK to stop illegal immigration than his four precedessors did in their entire terms. And his "reward" is to get attacked once again by the media. Yet TRUMP RIDES ON!

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Steve Elliott, Grassfire

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