Did you see President Trump's acquittal "celebration" yesterday? It was epic! America's Commander-in-Chief went OFF on the forces behind the Sham Impeachment Witch Hunt. It was vintage Trump -- totally unleashed!

He spoke for more than an hour to a large group of Trump family members, Republican allies and the media in the East Wing of the White House. Here are just a few of the highlights from the President's post-impeachment "victory lap":

We've been going through this now for over three years. It was evil. It was corrupt here. It was dirty cops. It was leakers and liars, and this should never ever happen to another president, ever.

Right at the beginning, (my legal team) said you have nothing to worry about. All of the facts are on your side. I said, "You don't understand. That doesn't matter. That doesn't matter." And that was really true. They made up facts. The corrupt politician named Adam Schiff made up my statement to the Ukrainian president. He just made it up!

(Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell, I want to tell you -- you did a fantastic job. Somebody said, "You know, Mitch is quiet." I said, "He's not quiet." He's not quiet. He doesn't want people to know him. And they said, "Is Mitch smart? I said, "Let's put it this way. For many, many years a lot of very smart ... people have been trying to take his place. And to the best of my knowledge, I never even heard the subject come up because they have been wiped out so fast. This guy is great." And I appreciate it, Mitch.

Grassfire staff was so impressed by what Mr. Trump said during yesterday's "celebration" that we're totally re-vamping our new, commemorative book Great American Comeback. After rushing it into production after the President's brilliant State of the Union Address and his long-overdue impeachment acquittal, we're pulling it back so we can include our Commander-in-Chief's "Victory Lap" speech.

This special publication also will include the entire text of Tuesday's State of the Union speech and photos from inside the historic Capitol Hill event. Grassfire wants to provide our team members with something to commemorate what is perhaps the greatest week of the Trump presidency

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Great American Comeback wasn't just one of the greatest speeches of the Trump presidency, many people are calling it the best State of the Union Address EVER! Also, less than 24 hours after delivering it, the Senate acquitted our Commander-in-Chief in the Democrats' Sham Impeachment Witch Hunt. But yesterday's "Victory Lap" speech was the icing on the cake.

Watching Vintage Trump unload on the D.C. Establishment, the Swamp, the Deep State, RINO-in-Chief Mitt Romney and other anti-Trumpers was awesome. Also, it was long overdue. Great American Comeback will capture all of this week's drama and celebration that the Sham Impeachment Witch Hunt is over -- at least for now.

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The Grassfire Team

P.S. Great American Comeback will include the entire text of the President's amazing State of the Union Address, along with photos from that historic night on Capitol Hill. We're also adding Mr. Trump's phenomenal "Victory Lap" speech as bonus content in this exclusive commemorative book. Please click here or on the banner below to receive your copy in appreciation for your contribution of any amount to help Grassfire build in 2020: