As we conclude, here's one thing we all need more of to thrive...

Part Six of Thriving 101 was designed to help you stay on track in your path to thriving, even when injustice and other challenges come across your path. We call it "living beyond the transaction" so you can take back control of even the most difficult circumstances.

Now, as we conclude Thriving 101, we take a look at how the plan for thriving can help us overcome our season of national discord. And a key piece of the puzzle can be found in the words of our national anthem. If we can complete this puzzle, we'll discover something we all need a lot more of: peace.


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101.1—Why Thriving is vital

101.2—When do we thrive? 

101.3—Thriving's four-part Plan

101.4—How one group thrived

101.5—How "planting" connects us to the future

101.6—The one "law" you must break to truly thrive

101.7—How Thriving can bring you and our nation peace! (NOW)