Thriving 101.4

Part Four: how one group thrived against all odds...

In part three we learned about the four-part PLAN that we can use to discover a new level of thriving in our lives: build, plant, bless and pray. This "plan" was unveiled to a group of outcasts facing long odds, and it's worked for the past 2,500 years.

That's the focus of Part Four as we take a closer look at how the Jewish people have thrived for millennia despite being exiled, persecuted and without a homeland for nearly 2,000 years. It's one of the greatest stories in human history from which we can glean many lessons on our journey to thriving.


After you watch Part Four, two ways to continue:


#2 Go directly to Part Five


101.1—Why Thriving is vital

101.2—When do we thrive? 

101.3—Thriving's four-part Plan

101.4—How one group thrived (NOW)

101.5—How "planting" connects us to the future (Next)

101.6—The one "law" you must break to truly thrive

101.7—How Thriving can bring you and our nation peace!

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  • Linda Roberts
    commented 2021-03-16 09:11:29 -0400
    I LOVE this series! I am a retired adult education teacher, and I have dreams of getting back into education, at least informally. This would be on my list of things to share!! Thank you. Looking forward to more. One thing though. I am not a perfect student. My mind is wandering a bit these days—so many things to think about. So, when I make a mistake and give a wrong answer to some of the questions in these quizzes (which I sure I am doing), I would like to know the correct answers right away!! Would like to see you add this component. I think it would build interest as ppl go through the lessons. (Every interested adult learner wants to know the correct answers!) :—) Thx again. (BTW, in lesson 4, you forgot Steve Jobs!) ;—)