When one logically considers the real impacts on our weather and on the climate, the whole global warming agenda becomes pretty absurd. Viv Forbes explains in the American Thinker how weather and climate actually work. It's not like they are telling us.

As Forbes notes, there are three major drivers of the weather, and the level of CO2 is not one of them:

The theory that human production of carbon dioxide can control global climate is totally unproven and looks absurd.  Past records show that long-term variations in atmospheric CO2 content are more a result of temperature changes than a cause of them.

Instead, Forbes notes that it is latitude, solar cycles and local environment that determine the weather and the climate. So it's how far you are from the equator, whether you are near mountains or the ocean, and what's happening on that bright, glowing orb in the sky. Go figure.

Steve Elliott


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