Don't let them distract you from the REAL WAR we're fighting. Please see below. --Steve

With all the lies and misdirections coming from the Biden White House, it's as if they're trying to distract us from the REAL WAR under way right now...

I'm talking about the WAR over the very heart and soul of our nation!

+ + Their "Hate America" agenda is destroying our country

Almost everything you see in the headlines today centers around this WAR over the heart and soul of America. We're living at a time when leaders across the spectrum -- from politics to business to education and entertainment -- are trying to DESTROY this great nation!

It's as if there are "two" Americas. One consists of those who HATE this country, DESPISE our founding principles, and want to transform the United States into the "woke" image of the Global Reset crowd. The other America consists of patriots, like you, who LOVE our country, BELIEVE in its founding principles, and are getting back to work to SAVE AMERICA in this time of crisis.

Every day here at Grassfire and LibertyNEWS, we chronicle this battle to define and destroy the USA. Our Grassfire staff continues to REPORT TRUTH and give team members the best TAKE ACTION items to expand your impact. Our LibertyNEWS team provides the BEST daily digest of the news that is crucial to patriotic citizens. We've been sounding the alarm and speaking TRUTH every day during this crisis!

But right now, Grassfire is facing a CRITICAL SHORTFALL... the worst we've seen in TWO YEARS!

+ + I need your help THIS WEEK!

In recent weeks, Grassfire's reach has expanded significantly as we disseminate the TRUTH on the Biden regime and cut through the lies on the COVID-shutdown tyranny. Our Grassfire and LibertyNEWS updates are reaching up to 30% more people every day than this time last year!

I want to grow Grassfire even more. I want to DOUBLE our reach so we can inform and equip millions of other patriots. We have the opportunity to reach even more people through Grassfire and LibertyNEWS than ever before, but this month we're facing a serious shortfall...

Specifically, we're on pace to be about $20,000 short of our budgeted need for February. (That's after we weathered a similar shortfall in January.) This is critical. In order to keep up our pace and grow, we can't afford to end a second month in a row short.

If you believe in the work of Grassfire... if you want to help us multiply the grassroots army that can SAVE AMERICA at this crucial time... would you consider making a special contribution right now to help us meet this critical need, so we can fight for America? Go here to make your contribution:

+ + Our Gifts to you...

If you can help Grassfire fight for America with a gift of $30 or more, I want you to have two of our newest ReStickers -- our beautiful "Freedom Isn't Free" American Eagle bumper stickers.

With the truckers' "Freedom Convoy" moving from Canada to America, these ReStickers will help you spread the word that you stand with liberty and against those who hate America and want to impose tyranny!

Plus as a special bonus....

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+ + America is worth fighting for!

Most importantly, you'll be helping Grassfire go to battle for America every day! The fact is, we don't have deep-pocketed donors, wealthy "benefactors" or "angel investors" underwriting our grassroots efforts. That's why the generosity of our team members is so crucial to fulfilling our God-inspired mission: REPORT TRUTH that empowers you to TAKE ACTION!


Grassfire is facing a critical shortfall this month. This is the worst shortfall we've seen in TWO YEARS!

I urgently need your help.

If you believe in Liberty... if you believe in the work of Grassfire to reach hundreds of thousands of patriots with the TRUTH day after day, as we fight the "Hate America" lies...


And thanks in advance.

For life, liberty and limited government,

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

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