GRASSFIRE (March 19, 2019) -- We have the names of all 12 Senate RINOs who refused to stand with President Trump -- and sided with Democrats -- in the fight against illegal immigration. This "Dirty Dozen" tried to hide behind the Constitution when casting their vote against our Commander-in-Chief and in favor of a resolution of disapproval last week.

The Senators betrayed the President by trying to block his national-emergency declaration, which bypasses Congress to build a better, longer border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Here's the list of "Republicans In Name Only" who refused to support Mr. Trump's attempts to end the security and humanitarian crisis raging along parts of America's southern border:

Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN)
Sen. Roy Blunt (MO)
Sen. Susan Collins (ME)
Sen. Mike Lee (UT)
Sen. Jerry Moran (KS)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK)
Sen. Rand Paul (KY)
Sen. Rob Portman (OH)
Sen. Mitt Romney (UT)
Sen. Marco Rubio (FL)
Sen. Pat Toomey (PA)
Sen. Roger Wicker (MI)

Many members of the "Dirty Dozen" claimed that Mr. Trump's national-emergency declaration gives the President "extra-Constitutional" powers to bypass Congress and fund a border wall. But America's Commander-in-Chief was entirely within the law to declare illegal immigration a national emergency when the House and Senate did nothing to stop tens of thousands from invading our great nation through Mexico.

Since Congress passed the National Emergencies Act of 1975, presidents have declared 58 national emergencies. Where was the "extra-Constitutional" push back from "bold" and "brave" Republicans when President Obama declared a dozen national emergencies during his presidency?! And what about the 13 declared by George W. Bush and the 17 by Bill Clinton?! Of those 42 national-emergency declarations, 27 are still in effect!

This is an outrageous betrayal of, not only our Commander-in-Chief, but "We the People" as well. That's why Grassfire updated our "Stop The Invasion!" FaxFire today, adding every RINO who voted with Democrats and against President Trump last week! Click here or on the banner below to fax them now. Tell each member of the "Dirty Dozen" -- and others in Congress -- EXACTLY how you feel:

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The targets in "Tier 1" of our "Stop The Invasion!" FaxFire include the "Dirty Dozen" GOP Senators, your Senators and your Representative, as well as key House and Senate leaders. They need to hear from you now!

Both the House and Senate are considering taking action to override President Trump's veto of the resolution of disapproval. Demand these RINOs and other key members of Congress support Mr. Trump's efforts to fund the border wall! Go here to fax them now.

Again, 12 GOP Senators voted AGAINST President Trump in his fight against illegal immigration. Such a brazen betrayal by members of a president's own party demands a response from the American people! More than 76,000 illegal aliens were apprehended last month trying to cross into the U.S. from Mexico. That's not "immigration"! It's an INVASION! Go here to fax the "Dirty Dozen" RINO Senators now. Demand they stand with the President to secure our borders, build the wall, and "Stop The Invasion!":

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As your online, grassroots-activism services provider, Grassfire also makes it possible for you to send faxes on your own. Click here for a list of targets and their contact information.