Dear Member of Congress,


It's time for Republicans in Congress to DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND in the aftermath of the outrageous 34-criminal count conviction against President Trump.


That's why I'm urging every GOP Senator to join Sen. Mike Lee's pledge to OPPOSE the Left's agenda in the Senate. As Sen. Lee and 7 other Senators said: "Those who turned our judicial system into a political cudgel must be held accountable. We are no longer cooperating with any Democrat legislative priorities or nominations, and we invite all concerned Senators to join our stand."


it's time for ACTION in both the House and the Senate. Senate Republicans can use the cloture rules to block EVERY Democrat agenda item, if Republicans will stand together.


Please note, I'm monitoring how congressional Republicans take action to stop these personal and political attacks against President Trump and will vote accordingly. Thank you, in advance, for your immediate and forceful response to my call to action.