You should be ASHAMED for supporting the DIRTY DEFICIT DEAL and betraying every principle of fiscal conservatism.


Republican senators who voted for this bill worked in lock step with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to pass this bill IN OPPOSITION TO the majority of Republican members of Congress. In the House, two-thirds of all Republicans voted against the bill. In the Senate, the vote was delayed as McConnell and Thune twisted arms trying to get enough GOP votes to keep the final vote from being a total embarrassment.


Mitch McConnell and every Senate Republican who voted for this bill betrayed the Tea Party and every American who is concerned with runaway government spending and debt. Rand Paul said it best when he noted on the Senate floor that he could hear the funeral dirge marking the death of the Tea Party. But let's be clear. If the Tea Party is dead, it's because we've been stabbed in the back.


Again, I am outraged. I consider this a BETRAYAL by GOP Senators.