Every Republican senator who voted for the DIRTY DEFICIT DEAL should be ashamed. This is an outrage and a betrayal.


Mitch McConnell and every Senate Republican who voted for this bill betrayed the Tea Party and every American who is concerned with runaway government spending and debt. In the past, the GOP has opposed runaway spending and deficits. But this time Congressional Republicans and President Trump partnered with Democrats on a budget deal that is WORSE than what President Obama delivered. This deal creates $1 trillion deficits and does not impose any real, near-term spending cuts.


Only Republicans would control TWO OF THREE branches of government and then betray their own party members and their voters to pass a spending bill that bankrupts our nation and violates every principle of fiscal conservatism. Rand Paul said it best when he noted on the Senate floor that he could hear the funeral dirge marking the death of the Tea Party. But let's be clear. If the Tea Party is dead, it's because we've been stabbed in the back.


Again, I am outraged. I consider this a BETRAYAL by GOP Senators.