Rush: "This is an invasion"

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  • Robin Rosenblatt
    commented 2019-02-18 17:09:00 -0500
    War is coming to Israel with Hezbollah. It have been reported by Israel Hezbollah is an Army. Please share we must help protect our country and it soldiers. Robin
    Do you want forest fires behind the backs of our soldiers while they are defending Israel? Do you remember how many died in the last forest fire?

    The arson attacks have started. Hezbollah threatens Israel with 100,000 rockets and missiles. One small missile, bomb, or arsonist can restart major forest fires in Israel. Death and destruction come from major forest fires in the Galilee. Don’t make our soldiers fight the enemy AND fires.
  • Vicki Hill
    commented 2019-02-18 12:38:22 -0500
    I am happy to see the truth is finally come out about what is being exposed on Fox news. Much more will be coming out!!!
  • Steve Elliott
    published this page in News 2019-02-18 11:16:52 -0500