Sen. Rand Paul has announced he will vote NO on the DIRTY DEFICIT DEAL that will be voted on in the Senate AS SOON AS TOMORROW.

Here's what Sen. Paul tweeted:

The proposed budget deal violates every principle of conservatism. The deal allows unlimited borrowing until after the next election and eliminates the spending caps. Every conservative in America should respond in outrage: “Why did we even bother to elect Republicans.”

It is possible that this is the worst spending/budget deal in American history. It makes no attempt at fiscal responsibility, and as Sen. Paul notes, it allows UNLIMITED BORROWING until after the election!

Grassfire is encouraging our team members to utilize our FaxFire system to let their voices be heard. If possible, please choose LEVEL TWO and reach all Senate Republicans with your message. Go here to schedule your faxes:

Remember... this DIRTY DEFICIT DEAL cannot pass without GOP support!

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