Pelosi fighting Trump win AGAIN!

This is coming down to RAW PARTISAN POLITICS. Yesterday the Senate overwhelmingly approved President Trump's emergency border funding request. But Pelosi and the House Democrats are refusing to let President Trump win on anything -- even the necessary are reasonable request to help with the crisis at the border.

Grassfire just updated our "SUPPORT TRUMP'S BORDER FUNDING" FAXFIRE to reach key GOP Senators -- including RINOs like Sen. Romney who have resisted the President at just about every turn. If GOP Senators stand firm, Pelosi will not be able to block another win for President Trump.

Click here to schedule your "Support Trump's Border Funding" faxes for immediate delivery to your Senators and key GOP Senators now:

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If as expected Pelosi moves to "modify" the Senate bill (i.e. block the President from getting a win), GOP Senators will have to decide where they stand.

Even if you already sent faxes, please do so TODAY. GOP Senators need to hear from you. 10,000 faxes TODAY could help make a difference!

Click here now to send an immediate and timely message to Senators.

Thanks for taking action!


P.S. Again, we just UPDATED this FaxFire to reach key GOP Senators. If possible, schedule LEVEL TWO (25% discount) to reach all GOP Senators today! Again, 10,000 faxes TODAY could make a difference! Go here:

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  • James Swanson
    commented 2019-06-27 13:13:10 -0400
    Democrats are losing hope of being re-elected and are despair ate to do anything G and it is showing