During the 2012 election year it was clear that we were headed to a showdown in November -- the incumbent Barack Obama vs. this growing, patriotic "Tea Party" movement. Would that movement have enough energy and momentum to thwart the power of presidential incumbency? Would a candidate emerge who would represent the values of liberty and limited government well enough to rally the people?

Enter Patriot Super PAC...

Organized independently of Grassfire, Patriot Super PAC was created to help give patriotic Americans a voice in the presidential race. As a super PAC, it was independent and totally dependent on the grassroots support of citizens.

Even though the outcome wasn't what was desired, Patriot Super PAC did have an impact. Many ads were run in battleground states, and hundreds of thousands of citizens were reached. One campagn was particularly effective, featuring a video (above) called "Get Out" that created significant media buzz. Many Grassfire team members took part in Patriot Super PAC efforts.

Below is PAC director Tom Freiling's closing case which was produced just a few weeks prior to the election. In hindsight, it's easy to see that Mitt Romney's flaws as a moderate, Establishment candidate simply couldn't be overcome. But we would learn, and live to fight another day and in another election when the citizen revolt would reach the White House.


Steve Elliott


Steve Elliott is the co-founder of Grassfire, a 1.5 million member liberty-based citizen network. Steve likes to talk about politics, tech, faith and family.