Today, patriotic Americans are just ONE WEEK AWAY from determining the future course of our great nation. Under the Biden Regime, we face an existential crisis -- one that threatens our very existence as "one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all." Click here to take a stand now.

A poll released last week by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) indicates that a super majority of We the People think the Biden Regime has our nation on the wrong track. PRRI's recent survey found that:

Nearly three in four Americans (74%) say things in this country are going in the wrong direction, compared with 24% who say the country is moving in the right direction. Large majorities of Republicans (93%) and independents (76%) say the country is moving in the wrong direction, compared with a narrower majority of Democrats (53%).

Things are so bad under Joe Biden that more than half of the Democrats surveyed don't like where the country is headed! It looks like a "red wave" is coming, but liberty-loving, freedom-defending Americans MUST show up at the polls and vote on November 8 (or earlier) to make sure.

Grassfire -- America's truly independent, patriot, conservative network -- has set an Election Day goal to REACH one million citizens and RALLY hundreds of thousands more to SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED. Each of the FOUR ACTION ITEMS below can help YOU make an impact during the next seven days:

  1. Say "I WILL VOTE RED" by signing the national petition, then spread the word to family and friends.
  2. Like, Follow and Share our official "VOTE RED" Facebook page. (More than 113k followers strong!)
  3. Add "Vote Red" profile and header images to your social-media accounts and smartphone.
  4. Help us reach one million citizens. Contribute ANY AMOUNT and receive our SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED ReSticker.

Grassfire launched our SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED campaign last month in response to the radical, unhinged Left's continued assault against our faith, values and way of life. Seven days from now, we're empowering "America First" patriots to take action that will:

  • Secure America's Borders
  • Stop D.C.'s Spending Madness
  • Restore American Energy Freedom
  • Make Streets Safe Again
  • Protect America's Kids and Save Our Schools
  • End Runaway Inflation

The battle is real, and "America First" patriots must fully engage NOW to win it! There really is only one choice for our great nation -- SAVE AMERICA by VOTING RED! Thank you, in advance, for taking action.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. To learn more about our SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED initiative, click here to visit our "Action Page" now. Get official SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED ReStickers here in appreciation for your contribution to help Grassfire build momentum for this national campaign: