America is only about 24 hours from the first 2024 presidential debate. Joe Biden has been hiding out at Camp David all week with a cabal of advisors (16 in all) getting ready to square off against President Donald Trump.

What that preparation has involved is anyone's guess. But Trump is so suspicious of what may be afoot that he's calling for "Crooked Joe" to subject himself to a pre-debate drug test!

Most of the world has waited more than three years for tomorrow night's rematch. So, Grassfire is celebrating "Debate #1" with an unprecedented offer for our team members.

This month, for the first time ever, we're giving you the opportunity to receive Grassfire's full-sized (3' x 5') "TRUMP 2024" flag for a contribution of ANY AMOUNT! (As an added BONUS, we'll cover the cost of shipping.) Click here to order now.

Usually, we sell these patriotic, pro-Trump banners for $30 each, but not today. So many grassroots Americans are so outraged by the LAWFARE against President Trump, that we want EVERY Grassfire team member to have one.

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If you can help with even $10 or $20, we'll rush you this bold, full-sized flag so you can take a stand and push back against the Left's radical assault on President Trump and every patriotic American.

Let's be clear...

Over the past three-plus years, the Left's goal isn't just to destroy President Trump. They want to SCARE PATRIOTS, LIKE YOU, INTO SILENCE! The only way conservative, grassroots Americans can fight and win against these attacks is to STAND TOGETHER and NOT BE INTIMIDATED.

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For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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