Sir or Madame,


I am outraged that Congress is rushing to pass a massive deficit spending bill that sends $60 BILLION in additional funds to Joe's Ukraine proxy war. This is a BETRAYAL of the American people and must be opposed.


I believe this was the RINO's "PLAN A" ALL ALONG. They offered a token "border" bill to grease the skids for their real goal -- D.C.'s PROXY WAR WITH UKRAINE... all funded with MORE BORROWING!


I am also outraged that the bill includes a built-in IMPEACHMENT TRAP that could be used against President Trump by guaranteeing Ukraine funds into the next president's term.


America should NOT fund this proxy war. And Congress certainly should not borrow even one additional dime for foreign wars when our nation is in crisis and our border is being invaded -- nor set an impeachment trap for the next president!


I urge you... vote NO on the Ukraine funding supplemental deficit spending monstrosity.



Tax-Paying American Citizen