In both imagery and words, Joe Biden's "MAGA hate speech" last week was one of the most vile, angry and un-American speeches ever uttered by a U.S. president. The Divider-in-Chief's "Soul of the Nation" address was a divisive, derogatory attack against tens of millions of "America First" patriots who support President Trump and his "Make America Great Again" agenda.

Joe Biden has continued his hateful, vitriolic rhetoric this week, too. At a Democrat campaign event yesterday, he continued trying to turn "MAGA" into a slur. According to FOX News:

Biden has focused his midterm message on "extreme MAGA Republicans," claiming they are a "threat to the democracy." This rhetoric was mentioned in each of his speeches from the past week and indicates a new midterm strategy from the Democrats.

Is Joe Biden addressing raging inflation? No. The border crisis? No. Rising crime? No. Wasting BILLIONS on a proxy war with Russia? No. The rise of China? No. Instead, he's going all-in against TENS OF MILLIONS of "America First" patriots -- like you.

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