Liberty News (2010)

In the aftermath of Obama's first election, a patriotic resistance emerged that became known as the Tea Party movement. This movement was not a political "party." Rather, this was truly a grassroots movement. As momentum built, organizations like Grassfire looked for more ways to take the message of liberty and limited government into the mainstream discussion.

Enter Liberty News...

In 2010, we launched our own patriot-minded news outlet under the Liberty News brand. In the succeeding months and years, Liberty News published more than 100 professional video reports and thousands of news and blog posts. Often, our stories were on the leading edge of issues that even mainstream conservative outlets were hesitant to cover.

Perhaps most notably of all was Liberty News' extensive work on the Benghazi tragedy and what was the likely real reason the Obama-Clinton cabal was willing to cover up the death of Americans on foreign soil. We're talking about the link between weapons from deposed Gaddafi's Libya and the Syrian rebels. Of course, we now know the forces in Syria we armed were the seedbed for ISIS. Obama created ISIS. (Go here for good overview on this issue.)

Liberty News is now on hiatus, perhaps for another time. But it had a strong run and an outsized impact during a critical time when patriotic Americans needed a risk-taking voice to counter and expose the mainstream media.


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