Kentucky flood victims NEED HELP TODAY!

My friend Gary LeBlanc and Mercy Chefs are on the ground in the flood zone and are serving hot meals to flood victims and emergency workers.

I'm hoping the Grassfire team will help sponsor 1,000 meals today. Just $35 will help get a hot meal to 10 flood victims. I'm sponsoring 50 meals today. Perhaps you can match me. Go here to sponsor 10, 20 or even 50 meals (or more) for Kentucky flood victims, and see below for more details.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

P.S. Gary's team is serving meals TODAY and needs our help. Go here:

From: Gary LeBlanc 
Subject: Fwd: KY flood: death toll climbing; need help
To: Steve Elliott


The situation here in eastern Kentucky is very tragic. The reports we are hearing are heartbreaking. Four children from one family all perished in the rising waters. 

The official death toll has climbed to 28 and authorities are saying it may take weeks to recover all the bodies. Based on what we're seeing, it's clear that local officials have only begun to ascertain the full scope of loss of life and property damage.

There are literally places where every home has been destroyed. Thousands more homes will need to be mucked out and cleaned out before families can return. 

+ + We're serving flood victims TODAY!

Mercy Chefs has established our base of operations in the midst of the flood zone so we can most effectively reach the most impacted areas. The first hours and days are always challenging as we establish our base and get food and supply lines in place. Already today, we've faced obstacles and my team was forced to make quick adjustments.

The good news is, Mercy Chefs is serving hot meals to flood victims, emergency workers and volunteers TODAY, and I NEED YOUR HELP!

Will you partner with me right now as we serve hot meals to Kentucky flood victims and volunteers? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift to help Kentucky flood victims:

These communities have faced difficult economic times in recent years. This was coal mining country and things were tight before this devastating flood hit. Now, families are facing the daunting challenge of rebuilding their homes and their lives -- and many have lost family members to the flood.

Thanks to support from friends like you, Mercy Chefs is on the ground here in eastern Kentucky. Every hot meal we provide to flood victims is made possible by friends like you. Perhaps you can sponsor 10, 20, 50 or even 100 meals. Go here to sponsor hot meals for Kentucky flood victims and volunteers.

And please PRAY for the people of Kentucky. They need our prayers and support right now in an urgent way.

God bless,

Gary and Ann LeBlanc

P.S. I just received a call from another organization asking for Mercy Chefs to provide meals for them. I want to answer every call for help. Please partner with us to bring relief to Kentucky flood victims. Go here: