Yesterday, we alerted you to an effort led by Rep. Jim Jordan to DEFUND THE LAWFARE AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP (see below).

Well, yesterday in a House committee, Rep. Jordan LAID OUT VERY SPECIFICALLY HOW THE BIDEN DOJ AND FAR-LEFT PROESECUTORS HAVE TARGETED PRESIDENT TRUMP. Click the image below to watch:

"Justice is no longer blind in America," said Jordan, "Today it is driven by politics."

This is precisely why we are urging every concerned citizen to let your voice be heard right now on the issue of DEFUNDING THE LAWFARE AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Our new FaxFire will get your personalized message directly to key GOP House members, telling them how you feel about DEFUND LAWFARE. Go here to send your faxes at a special 40% discount right now.

And go here for more details.