Demand Congress force the FBI and DOJ to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden!

Take immediate action to call on Republicans in the House and Senate to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. GOP lawmakers MUST demand the FBI and DOJ end their "War on Trump" to investigate and expose alleged illegal activities by the entire Biden family!

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The prosecutorial double standard is outrageous and unacceptable. Republicans need to act immediately to stop it. Sign this URGENT PETITION to demand the GOP take action to "Investigate Joe & Hunter!"

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I am outraged that the FBI and DOJ continue to attack President Trump, while ignoring the possible criminal activity and influence peddling of Joe and Hunter Biden. For decades, the Bidens have enriched themselves at the expense of the American taxpayer through their "family business" deals with Ukraine, China, Russia and who knows what other countries. Hunter Biden has been mired in drug-abuse, prostitution and other scandals for years. It's time for federal law enforcement to stop turning a blind eye and "Investigate Joe & Hunter!" I demand Republicans in Congress do whatever is necessary to force the FBI and DOJ to act.

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