"Stop The Invasion" FaxFire Letter #3

Dear Member of Congress,


At this very moment, a caravan of more than 10,000 Central American "immigrants" is making its way through Mexico, heading for the U.S. border. President Trump has said, "I'm not letting them in." So, as a patriotic American, I'm asking you to support our Commander-in-Chief's promise and help him follow through by protecting our nation and its people from an impending invasion. This group -- made up mostly of men, with some women and children -- is demanding entry into the United States. Many say they're seeking asylum from violence, oppression and poverty, while others just want to force their way into our great nation. But no one knows how many MS-13 gang members, terrorists, career criminals and other threats to our safety and sovereignty could be among them.


As a free nation, America has a duty and responsibility to enforce existing immigration laws. The first obligation of government is to protect its people, not open our borders wide for any and all people who arrive at our "front steps." If that becomes national policy, our economy will soon be overwhelmed by the huge number of immigrants who would require government assistance to survive. The cost to American taxpayers for food stamps, health care, equipping our public schools and many other services would be astronomical and unsustainable. Continued illegal immigration will fundamentally transform the American way of life.


The White House and Congress need to take bold, decisive action to stop illegal immigration now and in the future. As a concerned, tax-paying American citizen, I demand our government take immediate action to stop and turn back the caravan of "immigrants" targeting our southern border. I also urge you, a duly elected U.S. lawmaker, to push back against the continuing onslaught of criminal aliens entering our country illegally. Please note, I am closely monitoring your response to my call to action. Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.




A Concerned U.S. Citizen