"Stop The Invasion" FaxFire Letter #2

Dear Member of Congress,


I'm faxing today to ask you, a duly elected defender of the U.S. Constitution and advocate for the American people, to support our Commander-in-Chief's promise to protect our nation and its people from the current invasion of illegal aliens. Shame on the 12 Senate RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who betrayed President Trump and sided with Democrats to pass a resolution of disapproval against his national-emergency declaration regarding illegal immigration! Congress MUST work with the White House to take bold, decisive action to stop illegal immigration now and in the future by building a better, longer border wall.


In March, more than 100,000 illegal aliens were apprehended crossing into the U.S. from Mexico. That's the highest number in more than a decade, and it doesn't include those who were NOT caught entering our nation illegally. Those numbers don't reflect a sensible immigration policy; they show -- plain and simple -- that our southern border is being INVADED by citizens of other nations! The security and humanitarian crisis along America's border with Mexico is getting worse, yet a majority in Congress just don't seem to care.


I demand, as a concerned, tax-paying American citizen, that our government take immediate action to stop and turn back those who target our southern border. I also urge you, as a duly elected U.S. lawmaker, to push back against the continuing onslaught of criminal aliens, drugs, human trafficking and other illegal activity targeting our country.


The first obligation of government is to protect its people, not open our borders wide for any and all people who arrive at our "front steps." If that becomes national policy, our economy will soon be overwhelmed by the huge number of immigrants who would require government assistance to survive. The cost to American taxpayers for food stamps, health care, equipping our public schools and many other services would be astronomical and unsustainable. Continued illegal immigration will fundamentally transform the American way of life.




A Concerned U.S. Citizen