I'm sure you saw that northwest Iowa was devastated by flooding this past week. Hundreds of homes were destroyed.

The local sheriff department posted this picture of a family who recovered their flood-damaged American flag from their home and proudly displayed it...

It got me thinking...

What if every American proudly displayed our flag and defended with honor all that our flag represents? Our nation would be transformed from the ground up -- a renewal of patriotism that began in neighborhoods as we shook off the "Hate America" lies and stood strongly for Old Glory!

+ + Special for July 4th -- American Flag for ANY AMOUNT!

I really believe that America's recovery starts with Americans like YOU AND ME taking a stand -- in our neighborhoods -- for our country.

That's why -- during this July 4th weekend -- Grassfire is offering to ship our team members a full-sized American Flag for a contribution of ANY AMOUNT!

Yes, even $5 or $10. Whatever you can contribute.

Imagine driving in your neighborhood and seeing American flag after American flag displayed on the homes. Patriotism and love for country is rekindled JUST BY SEEING THE STARS AND STRIPES!

Would you help start a Great American Renewal just by displaying Old Glory? We'll ship you a full-sized (15 square feet) nylon flag with double-stiched grommets in appreciation of your contribution of ANY AMOUNT.

Go here or click on the American Flag image to request your 15-square-foot American flag


When you request your flag, please consider helping Grassfire with a contribution of $30 or more. We need help this month more than ever, and we'll send you two bonus gifts.

Thanks for the stand you are taking, and Happy Independence Day!

Steve Elliott, Grassfire


Image source: Sioux County Sheriff twitter