Dear Member Of Congress,


Once again, Congress is RUSHING to fast-track a dramatic change in our immigration system. That's why I'm urging you to vote NO on HR 1044 which is being pushed UNDER SUSPENDED RULES. Such a major shift in how green cards are distributed should at the least go through the normal vetting process of Congress so that the American people and understand the full ramifications.


Also, if HR 1044 comes for a vote, I demand a RECORDED VOTE so members of Congress can be held accountable!


This shift moves away from the current system that assigns limits by nation and will shift 300,000 green cards to select countries that analysts say highly favor Silicon Valley businesses. It is outrageous that the House is fast-tracking such an important shift without putting the bill through committee and with no amendments! And it is only happening because more than 100 Republicans have gotten on board this fast-track strategy.


I urge you to oppose the fast-tracking of HR 1044.





A concerned citizen