Demand Republicans "Ban TikTok!" AND "Reject The RESTRICT Act!"

The New York Post shared a horrible story yesterday about the tragic and deadly consequences from a "viral TikTok stunt" in Ohio. The newspaper explained how a teenager overdosed on over-the-counter medication and how the video-sharing app was involved:

The 13-year-old victim, Jacob Stevens, had been partaking in the "Benadryl Challenge," a dangerous pursuit in which participants take 12 to 14 of the antihistamines — six times the recommended dose — in order to induce hallucinations. The potentially deadly stunt started blowing up in 2020 as teens uploaded their attempts on TikTok in order to gain social media clout. ... Footage taken by his pals showed the Columbus resident downing the pills, after which his body reportedly started to seize up.

Jacob was rushed to the hospital and put on a ventilator, but he died six days later. Stories like this one (and others) are why many Americans think a ban on TikTok is a good idea -- especially since the popular video-sharing app has ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

A bipartisan bill called the RESTRICT Act seeks to ban TikTok, but critics say the legislation threatens millions of Americans' free-speech rights. They call the bill: "Orwellian," a "Trojan horse" and "the Patriot Act on steroids."

FOX News host Tucker Carlson warned recently about a hidden agenda in the RESTRICT Act: "This bill would give enormous and terrifying new powers to the federal government to punish American citizens and regulate how they communicate with one another." (Click here to watch the entire segment.)

If you want Congress to RESTRICT TikTok the right way -- without trampling on the First Amendment -- Grassfire is empowering you to make your voice heard! Sign the national petition demanding House and Senate Republicans "Ban TikTok!" AND "Reject The RESTRICT Act!" Click here or on the banner below to add your name:

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Because of the media circus surrounding President Trump's arrest and arraignment recently, the RESTRICT Act has been an "under-the-radar" story. But many fear that TikTok's collection of user data is a clear-and-present danger to America's safety and sovereignty. At the same time, the RESTRICT Act could be a threat to your First Amendment right to free speech.

If you think Congress should take a different path to stop the social-media app from posing national-security and privacy risks, take action by clicking here to add your name to the "Ban TikTok!" and "Reject The RESTRICT Act!" national petition now. Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard tonight.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. The petition states: "TikTok's ability to collect data from the user's device poses nation-security and privacy risks. That makes the popular social-media platform a threat to the United States' safety and sovereignty! But banning the video-sharing app via the RESTRICT Act would infringe on Americans' Freedom of Speech. So, I'm signing this national petition to demand Congress take action to ban TikTok, while also protecting the First Amendment rights of U.S. citizens." To demand GOP lawmakers take action, go here and sign now: