I don't know how "America's Artist" Jon McNaughton does it...

But he just announced his newest painting, and I believe it expresses precisely how millions of Americans feel about President Trump and where we are in this battle to Make America Great Again.

Go here to see McNaughton's newest painting...


It's called "MAGA Ride," and depicts President Trump and First Lady Melania onboard a very American motorcycle -- and they are boldly riding in front of the Capitol building! The way McNaughton captures President Trump's determined gaze speaks volumes. No matter the opposition, this President has his eyes fixed on the goal of restoring our nation's greatness.

This new painting is a powerful representation of American greatness and independence in the face of the stifling and oppressive D.C. Swamp!

+ + Special opportunity for Grassfire team members

Here's the best news. My staff has been in direct contact with the artist's team and they have agreed to make a limited number available to our team members who can help Grassfire this month.

If you can help Grassfire with a contribution of $35 or more, we'll send you a beautiful 10x15 lithograph that is ready for framing. And there is no extra charge for shipping! But we need to hear from you ASAP so we can finalize our order and get these powerful paintings shipped out. Go here now to help Grassfire and request your copy of McNaughton's newest painting, "MAGA Ride":

I believe this is one of McNaughton's most powerful depictions of our President's boldness in the face of the unprecedented opposition he is facing. The motorcycle is an iconic symbol of our nation's fierce independence. You might even be able to envision yourself in the cheering crowd urging the President on (the author actually painted himself into the scene!).

Please let me know if you would like to reserve a copy of "MAGA Ride" when you help Grassfire this month.

This is a critical time. Grassfire needs your help to rally thousands of citizens to stand for liberty and limited government. Thanks in advance, and I know you will enjoy this new painting!

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

P.S. Again, there is NO CHARGE FOR SHIPPING but I need to hear from you ASAP so we can finalize our order. Go here to help Grassfire and request your "MAGA Ride" lithograph print suitable for framing: