Dear Uniparty RINO,


Congratulations on your nomination and acceptance as a Lifetime Membership in the D.C. UNIPARTY! You can take pride knowing you're one of the 167 RINO lawmakers (149 GOP House members and 17 Senate Republicans) who voted to continue SPENDING AMERICA INTO OBLIVION, while also funding Joe Biden's and the radical, unhinged Left's "Hate America" agenda.


As one of the Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) occupying a seat in the House of Representatives or Senate, you're being recognized for taking part in one of the clearest examples of the Uniparty in action by supporting the so-called "Fiscal Responsibility Act" (H.R. 3764). I was sickened, but not shocked, to see Republicans work closely with Democrats to achieve what was, essentially, a RIGGED LEGISLATIVE OUTCOME for a bill that:


1. Did NOT actually cut spending (despite the Uniparty's claims);

2. Made PERMANENT the 40% INCREASE in the size of government due to COVID;

3. Kept INTACT more than 98% of the IRS WEAPONIZATION against conservatives;

4. ERASED the debt ceiling until, at least, January 2025 -- if not longer; and

5. Was supported by MORE Democrat House members than Republican Representatives!


I'm faxing to let you know that you were nominated and accepted in response to your vote in favor of the Dirty, Debt-Deal Debacle. I'm joining hundreds, if not thousands, of my fellow "America First" patriots to give "credit" where it's due. It's not every day that lawmakers who claim to support more liberty and less government spending cave so quickly, easily and completely to the opposition party, especially when in legislative control of America's "purse."


Please note: You can REVOKE this Lifetime Membership to the D.C. Uniparty at any time by committing to always vote AGAINST the D.C. status quo of BIG GOVERNMENT OPPRESSION moving forward -- and then actually following through. Thank you for your time and attention. Again, congratulations!




A Taxpaying, Patriotic American